How To Earn Passive Income With PHI?

Posted on 2021-12-21 Updated on 2022-06-06

Become A Liquidity Provider

  1. Decide Which Chains You Would Like To Provide Liquidity. Currently Liquidity Can Be Provided On PHI Smart Chain, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon Matic. 
  2. Once Selected Which Chains, Purchase The Cryptocurrency For The Corresponding Chain PHI, ETH, BNB.BSC, and/or MATIC 
  3. You Will Need To Own Or Purchase The Same Amount Of PHI As The Off Network Chain You Have Chosen. Liquidity Will be Provided Equal On Both Sides of the Pair. (Ex. If You Want provide $2000 In Total Capital For Liquidity Purchase $1000 In BNB.BSC In Liquidity & Purchase $1000 Of PHI) For PHI Smart Chain You Need To Use PHIswap To Get Another Currency To Provide With PHI (Such As BTC,ETH,USD, Etc.) 
  4. Go To PHI.Holdings 
  5. Fund Your PHI Holdings Wallet With The Cryptocurrencies You Would Like To Contribute To Liquidity To Earn Passive Income On Your Assets.
  6. Go To The Exchange Tab In The Bottom left Hand corner of PHI.Holdings
  7. Once On the Exchange of PHI Holdings, Select Add liquidity. 
  8. Select Which Chain You Would Like To Add Liquidity To First (ETH, BNB, MATIC) 
  9. Add The Amount Off Funds You Want To Contribute. (The More Liquidity You Provide The Higher Percentage You Gain On Your Capital)
  10. Click Approve PHI
  11. Click Add Liquidity 
  12. Congratulations You Are Now A PHI Network Liquidity Provider. 
  13. The Cryptocurrencies You Provided Will Now Create Passive Income For You Every Time A PHI Holder Exchanges PHI Using Off Network Exchanges. 

Add Liquidity To Phiswap

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