How To Create A PHI Network Account?

Posted on 2021-09-20 Updated on 2022-03-20

1) Go To PHI.Network/register

  • or go to PHI.Network Click Enter Then On Login Page Hit Create New Wallet
  • Alternatively use your crypto wallet to register by going to PHI.Network click login with crypto wallet or click here  then click login with crypto wallet this will create a new account with the username as your crypto wallet address. 
  • You can create a wallet address with a custom username by creating an account with an email. Once account is created with custom available username you can link any amount of crypto wallets you would like to login.

2) Fill Out Information

  • Username/wallet address (This Will Be Used To Receive Funds & Be Mentioned On PHI.NETWORK)
  • Email Address (Provide A Valid Email Address)
  • A Strong Password Is Required (Treat PHI.NETWORK With The Level Of Security You Would Your Traditional Bank Account 2FA Also Available For Additional Security)
  • Phone Number(PHI Can Be Sent & Received By Members Using Phone Numbers (Choose Who can see Phone Number Information)
  • Also Available Is The Use Of Facebook Account Creation By Hitting The Facebook Icon. PHI.Network Account Will Be Created Using Your Facebook Information.
  • Use your Google account to create & login to PHI.Network by clicking the google logo on login or registration form.  

3) Click Sign Up

  • You Will Automatically Be Redirected To Your New PHI.Network Profile

Welcome & Congratulations 

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