How To Buy PHI?

Posted on 2021-09-20 Updated on 2021-10-31

1) Go To PHI.Network/BUY

  • Alternatively On the a mobile App You will Find The Buy Button In the Top Right Hand corner menu
  • Access The Wallet Page in the bottom left hand menu easily deposit on network PHI directly to wallet 
  • If your looking for OFF network PHI then on the wallet page scroll down and find the BUY PHI page. 

2) Once On The Buy Page You Will Be Presented With 3 Options To Buy

A) On Network PHI

  • Free & Instant To Transact Goes Directly Into Your PHI.Network Profile Wallet
  • Send & Receive Using PHI.Network username
  • Backed Up & Supported Can Be Retrieved If Verifiably Lost Or Stolen
  • Exchange On Network For Other On Network Crypto-currencies

B) PHI (ERC20)

Ethereum Contract Address


  • Uses Ethereum Blockchain 
  • Ethereum Gas Fee For Transactions & Exchange
  • Average Transaction Speed 1-5 Minutes
  • Average Transaction Cost Is $15
  • Exchangeable For Other Erc20 Tokens & Ethereum On The Ethereum Network

C) PHI (BEP20)

Binance Smart Chain Contract Address


  • Uses Binance Smart Chain (BNB.BSC)
  • Uses BSC Gas for Transactions & Exchanges
  • Average Transaction Cost Is $0.10
  • Average Transaction Speeds Is Seconds
  • Exchangeable For Other Bep20 Tokens & BSC On The Binance Smart Chain Network 

3) Once You Select What Type Of PHI Fits The Use Select That Type And Proceed With Purchasing By Using Another Crypto-currency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USTD, BNB. & More

4) Follow Purchase Instructions

5) Congratulations You Have Purchased PHI


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