How To Send & Receive PHI (ERC20)?

Posted on 2021-09-20 Updated on 2021-09-30

In This Lesson You Will Learn How To Send & Receive PHI. First, We will show you how to send PHI. Then We will show you how to receive PHI ERC20


1) Open Up Quick Menu By Clicking PHI Logo In Bottom left Hand Corner Of App

2)Click Wallet Icon


Click PHI.Holdings (Non-Custodial Wallet)

4) If Presented With A White Screen Click Reload At the Top Right Hand Corner

5) Create Wallet Select PHI & Ethereum As Crypto-currencies

6) Remember To Store 12 Word Phrase Back Up Password As Well As Private Keys

7) IF You Loose Your 12 word Phrase or private keys  you will loose funds.

8) It is very important to same your private keys and 12 word phrase as this will allow you access back to your funds in the event you get logged out or need to log into your wallet from a different app.


To Send PHI:

  1. Go to Phi.Holdings and login to your Wallet with your phi tokens and enough ethereum to power the transaction anywhere from $5-$50 in ETH will be needed depending on Ethereum Gas Price to send PHI.
  2. Click on PHI In Your Phi.Holdings Wallet
  3. Then Click send
  4. Enter the amount you would like to send and paste the address the receiving party gave you.
  5. Hit Submit.
  6. Confirm the transaction.
  7. Congratulations You Have Now Sent Your First PHI.

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Video Walk Through On How To Send PHI:

How To Receive PHI:

To Receive:

  1. Go to Phi.Hodings
  2. Click PHI Wallet
  3. Copy The Address that looks like this (EXAMPLE: 0x1321c3b62Bd841E12bB9FA77d7778A41e08BF323)
  4. You Will Get Confirmation Once Phi is sent
  5. Now You Have Received PHI

Video Walk Through of how to Receive PHI:

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