How To Increase PHI Mining Rewards?

Posted on 2021-09-30 Updated on 2021-09-30

You Can Upgrade PHI Profile To Increase Mining Rewards for the actions taken.

How Mining Badges work?

  1. Each Badge Has A Certain Hash Rate or Reward Rate Associated with it
  2. Badges Are Unlocked By Purchasing PHI
  3. When You Purchase The Specified Amount of PHI on The Mine PHI Page Badges Will Instantly be Unlocked and additional mining rewards will be added for every action going forward as long as the PHI Network Account Maintains The Balance Required for Additional mining hash rate.

Go To The Smart Menu In the bottom left hand corner:

  1. Click The icon With the Hand out and the $ Sign
  2. On this page is where you can review the available badges and what upgraded hash rate is earned upon purchase.
  3. Badges will be visible on your profile page above followers and below your @name


Unlock Increased Mining Rewards Purchase The Amount Of PHI For The Desired Increased HashRate (TH/s) aka Earning Power.

If Wallet Balance Goes Below Minimum Amount To Keep Mining Increased Rewards Unlocked Then Mining Rewards Will Be Reduced To A Lower HashRate (TH/s) Or Stopped.

*Mining Rewards Are Subject To Change, Increase, Decrease or Stop To Facilitate Mass Adoption & Market Stabilization.

*Mining HashRate (TH/s) Is Subject To Fluctuate Based On Market Conditions.

Current Base Mining Rate: TH/s 1.618E-12/Avg.Action)


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