How To Privately Track Website Traffic With Out Using Cookies or google analytics?

Posted on 2021-09-20 Updated on 2021-09-20

On PHI.CFD PHI Collection Free Data. You can track your website data better than google analytics with out having to be invasive to your users. They do not need to have cookies enabled and can still see where they are from what devices they are using what pages they are looking at and many more specific data with out exposing their personal information to you or any one else. This is completely secure and private analytics. Welcome to the Future. You will be amazed at how much data google is missing. Check it out for your self and compare PHI.CFD to Google analytics for yourself you will be blown away. 

  • Access PHI analytics on PHI Network APP By going to the quick menu in bottom left hand corner
  • Click The Globe Icon
  • Scroll down to tab that says PHI Analytics.
  • Create an account
  • connect your website
  • start tracking website traffic live instantly 

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