How To Share Content On PHI Network?

Posted on 2021-09-20

There are many ways to share content on PHI.Network

  • PHI.Network/Activity (Go to Smart Menu on App in bottom left hand corner & click home icon)

Here you will be able to post content on PHI.Network Directly and earn PHI for Everyone who engages and comments (while mining rewards are enabled)

Get Your content in front of every member on the network. You can think of this as more of PHI.Network "Facebook" Resource. 

Share your content by simply copying and pasting links for other social media sites like instagram spotify and more and watch the content show up as it does on  the native platform. Earn PHI And get more exposure for your content while you can also get people to go to your other web2 social media profiles. 

  • Can be accessed from the smart menu globe icon on the resources page. Instaphi is PHi Network Version of instagram. 
  • PHI.WATCH This is a video, sharing application similar to youtube. The major difference is you can earn phi and also upload content that has been previously uploaded to youtube and not have to worry about filling in the information. all you do is copy and paste the youtube link and the content will be scraped and uploaded for you to PHI.Watch
  • PHI.ICU this is for large files applications things you would use dropbox or google drive for. This is PHI Cloud. PHI cloud allows you to upload store and share large files. 
  • PHI.DIGITAl is PHI Music streaming application. If Your music is on spotify your music will show up on PHI.Digital You can distribute your music using any major distributor. We recommend using to get your music on all the streaming platforms including PHI.Digital

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