How To Import Smart Chain Wallet That Is Attached To PHI Network Username?

Posted on 2022-06-09 Updated on 2022-06-09

By Default Every Username When Created On PHI.Network Has An Associated Smart Chain Address Linked To It. You Can View & Use This Wallet By Exporting The Private Keys That Can Be Found On The Wallet Page of PHI.Network App. 

1) Click The PHI Icon Navigation Button In The Bottom Left Hand Corner.

       1.a Then Select The Wallet Icon

2)Scroll Down On The Wallet Page Below The Wallet Send Feature & Account History

      2.a Click "Network Profile Smart Chain Details:"

3)Click The Copy Symbol To Copy Your Private Key To The Wallet That Is Connected To Your PHI Network Username.


4) Now Go To Your Wallet And Import Your Private Keys

5) Congratulations You Have Now Imported Your PHI Network Username Wallet To Your External Crypto Wallet On The PHI Smart Chain.

For More Information On PHI Smart Chain Wallets & Setup Review The Documentation Here.

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